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Interviews and articles about Jamali, Karen Salicath Jamali and Mystical Expressionism.

Faddy Magazine

Interview with Jamali

"What is your Art about?

It  is  the  shaping  of  my  dreams.  I  had  to  invent  the  styles  and  technique  of  my  art,  much  like  Pollock,  as  they emerged organically and naturally from work. The materials  and  techniques  become  a  necessity  of  cre-ation, where the cellulose cork I paint on is like skin, the raw pigments like desert sand and the bits of leaves or stone connect directly to the Himalayas."

NeuFutur Magazine

Interview with Karen Salicath Jamali

"How is the process for “Pearls” different from your other compositions? How different is the approach you take from music to that of your art?

My music and my art comes from the same place, it is spiritual, I open up for the universe and the art comes to me from the angels in different forms, Music, sculpture ore paintings and poems I will say the music and my paintings are very closes to each other the process is very similar it is quick it is flowing in the air it is now, I works with nature and diverse materials transmuting energy and light and rhythm in my paintings. My sculpture is different it takes a long time, I draw on the human figure as a common language that speaks to us all. I try in my works of sculpture to evoke the universality of the human condition. It is a language that is accessible to all regardless of age, culture, and education. Because of this, my figures, are timeless and highly stylistic they embody universality."

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