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Event Horizon

Karen Jamali works with nature and diverse materials, transmuting energy and light in her artistic vision. Several of her paintings are inspired by the phenomena in general relativity known as “Event Horizons.” An Event Horizon is a space-time boundary beyond which the laws of physics as we know them, cease to exist. In her style dispersion she wоrks with the light on canvas or wood. She uses brilliant colors that shimmer beneath the surface, these colors catch the light in a 3-dimensional way, reflecting light and creating a different experience from every angle. One painting becomes many paintings at the same time, it is always changing.

"The Lake of silence" by K Jamali

In the lake of silence

I swim around the shore of being

I take of My skin, My Flesh, My Bones


A little dot in the universe

I hear, I see, I fell, I am

In him, He in me

No separation, no fear,

Only Love


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Event Horizon K

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