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Karen Jamali works with Nature transmuting energy and light In her style "Crystal Dispersion": she wоrks with the light on canvas or wood, she uses brilliant colors and real crystals which shimmer beneath the surface.

The stones and Crystals in the Paintings have different energy some can clean and clear a home; some can be used for creating the energy of love spreading to the home; and others are energy charging, full of sparkling good vibes. It is her hope that her works speak to the soul and entice the viewer to see beyond the mere physicality of a piece, to a level of deeper personal understanding and emotional meaning.

"Colors from Heaven" by K Jamali

Over the sea of love

I fly

Close to the center of light

Inside the joy of excitement

Small glittering dot surround me with company

They are speaking of, love beyond being

They are whispering about

Colors from Heaven

I see them inside me

I see them outside me

I see myself as them

I hear the sound like them

Inside the sea of love.

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