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Photo by Norman Ford

Published by Rizzolli International, Distributed by Random House & Penguin, 2023

488 pp Limited Edition Signed, Numbered, Dedicated and Dated by the Artist.                  
Price - $275

also available as a Collector's Edition (only 50 copies!) with original pen & ink drawing by Jamali.     Price - $1000

To buy original Jamali art directly from his new flagship gallery in Winter Park, FL Please email or call us, or use the form below,  so we can offer you a personally curated selection.

Lastly, this is the perfect time to have your Certificate of Authenticity renewed for its current value, registration and provenance. Costs will apply.


The Prophecy...

“What is it about?” I asked her. “This is a story about you.”

The Holy Man took a sip of tea and carefully set the cup down on the tray beside him. He folded his hands in his lap. “You are going to conceive a child soon and this child is going to be your first son. You will find a holy name for your first boy. You may not know this name right away, but your son will grow into his name. He is going to live a long, long life. There will be difficulties along the way. But he will be entrusted with a very important task for mankind. And he will accomplish that mission.

On February 6, 1944, in Peshawar, Pakistan, I was born as was prophesized by the Great Brahmin. I was named Aqdas, which means “The Sacred One”, holy and pure. But the name wouldn’t stay with me. As the great Brahmin prophesized, I would find my true name later on in life as I grew and evolved into a being of Mystical Art and Peace.

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