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Mardan Publishing, Inc. creates only the finest quality limited edition art exclusively for the artist Jamali. Each print is supervised, approved, signed and numbered by the artist to insure a masterful recreation of the original painting. Each image is published using archival inks on the finest acid-free paper and framed using only archival materials. These images are published in editions varying in size, limitation and format. The limited editions created by Mardan Publishing, Inc. are limited by a predetermined edition size. 


Each image produced may be available in a variety of print sizes besides what is labeled for each image below. Unique hand-embellished prints are also available.  Please call for pricing and additional size options.


3100 \'Two Profiles\' 25.5x37.5in
3100 'Two Profiles' 25.5x37.5in
3101 \'Ishtar\' 84x42in.
3101 'Ishtar' 84x42in.
3102 \'Zen Master\' 42x42in.
3102 'Zen Master' 42x42in.
3103 \'Embleum I\' 42x42in.
3103 'Embleum I' 42x42in.
3104 \'April\' 55x79in.
3104 'April' 55x79in.
3105 \'Soriyama\' 42x73in.
3105 'Soriyama' 42x73in.
3106 \'Mia Valley\' 40x60in.
3106 'Mia Valley' 40x60in.
3107 \'Seated Figure\' 60x40in.
3107 'Seated Figure' 60x40in.
3108 \'Chloe\' 73x42in.
3108 'Chloe' 73x42in.
3109 \'Rendezvous\' 42x42in.
3109 'Rendezvous' 42x42in.
3110 \'Conservation\' 42x42in.
3110 'Conservation' 42x42in.
3111 \'Ophelia\'s Heart\' 52x38in.
3111 'Ophelia's Heart' 52x38in.
3112 \'Skala Kallonis\' 42x42in.
3112 'Skala Kallonis' 42x42in.
3113 \'Broon\'s Bane\' 79x55in.
3113 'Broon's Bane' 79x55in.
3114 \'Cosinus\' 20x20in.
3114 'Cosinus' 20x20in.
3115 \'Sinus\' 20x20in.
3115 'Sinus' 20x20in.
3116 \'Petra\' 16x16in.
3116 'Petra' 16x16in.
3117 \'Vetera\' 16x16in.
3117 'Vetera' 16x16in.
3118 \'Zeus I\' 28x28in.
3118 'Zeus I' 28x28in.
3119 \'Zeus II\' 28x28in.
3119 'Zeus II' 28x28in.
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